LFW Day 1

Photos by Allie Smith

Everyone- I’m back! So my little fashion blog has been put on the back burner for a while for a couple of reasons. One being that my photographer went on holiday for two weeks. Two being that I’ve moved into my new flat in Clapham and had no internet for three weeks. And Three being that I’ve been interning at The Times fashion desk. Put that all together along with covering LFW street style for Fashionchick and it makes for a very busy schedule with no time to prance around in the streets taking pictures of all of the pretty new things I’ve been spending my rent money on.
So, LFW. The main talking point? The weather, of course (we Brits certainly have an obsession with it.) It always rains during fashion week. It’s always cold during fashion week. And with the chunky knitwear and statement coat trend in full swing, we couldn’t have been more pissed off that the Sun decided to rear its burning hot head and turn Somerset House into a sun trap, melting us all underneath our soft cashmere-blend turtlenecks.
No matter how much systematic planning goes in to fashion week outfits, I always change at the last minute. So the pastel blue suit I was originally rocking got thrown back onto the floor-drobe and replaced with a burning hot number of fiery orange and rustic reds. “Oh my god. Aren’t you like really hot in that?” This phrase was uttered one too many times, but with all of my professional politeness in tact, all I could respond with is “Yes, but it’s Fashion Week darling.”
Come on, beauty is pain…

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