Outerwear Addiction

I have an addiction to buying coats.

I know, we (apparently) haven’t even had the hottest heatwave of 2014 yet and I’ve already started stocking up on my Autumn/Winter coat collection. My collection of coats and jackets had to be pushing around the 25- 30 mark by the end of last winter- and yep, I sure know what you’re thinking: “that seems completely greedy and unnecessarily excessive.” But hear me out! When you’re out and about all day in the freezing cold British winter you only really ever see somebody’s coat. Of course, someone could be wearing the most incredible outfit underneath, but if you wear the same coat every day what difference does it make? Nobody really gets to see it. A statement coat has the power to transform a whole look, so go buy one or two. Or three. Or four.. Or 30

This Céline-inspired check Topshop coat is pretty lightweight, so it’s perfect for when the seasons start changing! 

Thinking of next season, the new season styles that start creeping into stores around mid-late July are always so directional. They always have such strength in knowing exactly what trend they are and what identity they have. But by October everywhere is so infested with Christmas tinsel dresses and sequinned everything that most trends become mushy and diluted amongst the festive glitter. Serious fashion identity crisis there. That’s why I’m hanging up my sundresses and snapping up the best knits and jackets now! Besides, a cosy knitted jumper is perfect to pull on when it gets a little too cold at your end-of-summer-barbecue…

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