Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials

Look OneDorothy Perkins Jeans * – Dorothy Perkins Boots* – Dorothy Perkins Bag* – Forever 21 Tee – Topshop Sleeveless Jacket
Look TwoDorothy Perkins Top* – Dorothy Perkins Culottes* – Dorothy Perkins Shoes* – Zara Bag
The perfect capsule wardrobe is something many women have strived towards creating since Gok Wan started throwing the concept in our faces a few years back on How To Look Good Naked.
Although I’m sure any fashion-obsessive on this earth still yearns for the walk in wardrobe, wall full of shoes, and closets full of designer gear, there’s something still so refined and refreshing about having that perfect handful armful of clothes that are interchangeable and build the foundation of our wardrobes.
Cue Dorothy Perkins Style Essentials. Ten of our favourite wardrobe staples, from rolled up skinny jeans to the classic parka jacket. It covers all fashion bases.
Wearing the rolled up skinny with my beloved striped tee (there’s actually a small hole in it now I’ve worn it so often…) I updated the look with a long black, sleeveless jacket.
For my second style essentials look I wanted something more classic with an emphasis on tailoring. Soft, ivory knitted textures are paired with sleek black culottes for a look inspired by all of the elegance of 40’s tailoring.
Will you be investing in some style essentials this season?
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