Silver Linings of a Summer in London…

Tropical prints are showing no sign of backing down in my wardrobe, with the latest pacific printed addition appearing in the form of these floaty chiffon runner shorts. But there’s no denying that no matter how many exotic patterned pieces I wear this summer, I’m still no closer to that Hawaiian beach, a Pina Colada, and a pacific paradise sunset. 

With no holiday booked it seems that I am destined to spend another summer in London. 

But that’s fine. At the end of the day, chances of me getting horrific lobster-hued sunburn are pretty minimal. So are the chances of spending a long-haul flight next to someone that is massively overweight, or has very serious breathing issues, or that is so young they can only communicate through crying and wailing. 

Sure, I’m not going to make best friends with people that I’ll add on facebook then never see or speak to ever again, but that’s cool.

I won’t be irritating any of my Instagram followers with hot dog leg photos. 

It means I can spend the summer eating pizza instead of salad and I won’t even need to worry about how terribly out of shape I look in that bikini beach picture on Instagram because I won’t be taking one.

Besides, London has a Zoo full of exotic animals, there’s several really big parks, Hampstead Heath has its own outdoor swimming pool, my local Superdrug has started stocking my favourite fake tan, and Brighton is only a little way a way (who needs golden sands of the Greek Islands when you lay your beach towel down over a billion rock hard pebbles?)

I’m all about silver linings. 

Still not convinced?

Neither am I.

Excuse me whilst I go cry into my bottle of fake tan…

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