Shades of Cool

Shades of cool… I guess that’s a little bit ironic considering that everyone has been baking/melting (delete as appropriate) in the heavy haze of heat that has engulfed the nation. Did you know that apparently it’s been hotter here in London than in Barbados? Finally I’m beginning to feel a little bit better about the fact that I’m staying in London all summer.

I have a real issue with summer dressing: most of my clothes are black. There’s that part in the process of hot-summer-day-dressing when you always kid yourself that no matter how hot it is. black will always always be effortlessly cool.

Wrong. So very wrong. And there you are, sitting there in a beer garden and it feels like the sunshine beating down on you is actually like a burning hot laser in a James Bond movie.

This dress by The Fifth has answered my prayers a little bit. Its oversized fit hangs perfectly off the body thanks to structural elements like small shoulder pads. Loose and swishy: ideal for burning hot days. Oh and it has a large keyhole cut out at the back, which is almost as good as air con. Almost…

Enjoy the sun while it lasts!

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