Rose Tint

I’ve found it. I have finally found it. The holy grail of masculine-feminine dressing. 

It’s completely oversized, massively mannish and totally slouchy in its silhouette, but somehow this Topshop bonded trench coat holds on to elements of perfect tailoring in its structure. There’s this whole “I’ve just thrown on my boyfriends jacket to run to the shop and get a chocolate bar!” vibe about it. 

Well, almost… You can’t forget about the colour. Let’s face it, pink isn’t the most usual colour to appear on men’s outerwear colour palettes.

that pink.

It’s the kind of dusty pink you get from a delicate rose that has wilted a little bit in the hot July sunshine. It adds just the right amount of girlishness to give this manly structured trench the perfect gender-blending balance.

Women dressing in men’s clothing / men dressing in women’s clothing –  gender-blending in fashion is nothing new or exciting (going to an art school definitely desensitises you to the whole men in skirts thing.) But there’s something quite rare about finding one singular piece that has perfect duality of masculinity and femininity. And from Topshop too – who’d have thought?

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