VIP Blogger Spa Day with Swimwear365

Steam rooms, hammam treatment, massage… for a girl who has never been to a spa before I was never going to turn down an invitation from 

Swimwear 365

 to attend their VIP Bloggers spa day. 

I’m a sucker for the whole Moroccan theme thing… Wouldn’t it be amazing to jet off to Marrakech for a long weekend? In the mean time I thought I’d simply make do with travelling to the moroccan takeaway to get a small taste of the middle east. But thanks to Swimwear 365, I got to indulge a little further in the fantasy at 

The Spa at Dolphin Square 

 with its authentic moroccan treatments. 

Tucked away in Pimlico, The Spa is like a little souk of relaxation, hidden under the busy streets. Dark terracotta coloured walls, bronze lanterns, heavy wooden doors and mirrors, burnt red cushions: it was like being bottled up inside a cosy little genies lamp.

After getting lost in a heavy mist of heat in the steam rooms we had a Hammam treatment: a dark lotion (I can still smell the delicious eucalyptus) is applied to the body and then scrubbed off using an exfoliating glove. 

If I’m completely honest, all I could think was “Dear Lord, please 


 don’t scrub off all of my fake tan!” 

I had somewhere to be that night and I didn’t want to turn up looking like a pint of milk! But my skin was left seriously soft and 


 still bronze! 

Until Swimwear 365’s spa day I had never had a massage. Relaxing, refreshing, rejuvenating… right? Sure, massages always seemed like a great idea until you’re lying face down having what felt like marbles rubbed against your shoulder blades. 

“Do you have any aches or tension at all?” Said the masseuse before I hopped on the table. 

“Nope” I replied.

My back and shoulders told a different story. It was on-another-level knotted. I’m quite sure the masseuse was left with broken fingers and thumbs after trying to rid my constricted back muscles of them.

 But was it worth the pain? 

Definitely. My body seemed to move like silk rather than an old rusted robot. And did you know back tension can cause headaches? I didn’t. That probably explains why I always got so many headaches… (and why I haven’t had a bad one since!)

Lunch at the 

Dolphin Square Bar and Grill

 was all about Caesar salads, sweet potato fries, and brownies (I know, what’s the point having a salad when you’re going to eat fried and chocolatey things, right? but it 



A huge thank you to 

Swimwear 365

 for spoiling me!

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  1. oooh that sounds so amazing! I love all Moroccan themed things so this definitely sounds like a dream place to me!! Justine