Kate Moss X Topshop: What I really thought

Kate Moss x Topshop Dress


ASOS Leather Jacket


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Unless you’ve been trapped in a fashion coma, you’d know that the middle of last week was all about one woman: Kate Moss. After four years absence of designing for Topshop the woman came back with a more



grown up


So what did I really think of Kate Moss x Topshop?

It’s alright. It’s pretty. Kind of cool, but just a bit… blah (for lack of a better word, just more of a sound…) really.

 It just wasn’t my thing. Sure, the whole concept backing the collection was the idea that every piece  was something she would love to wear, inspired by her own wardrobe. But with the big reveal of the full collection online a few months back, I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed with most of it. Has her style not evolved past suede mini shorts and fringed leather jackets? It’s all beautifully made and the quality is great, but don’t you think parts of the collection felt a little bit dated? All so Glasto circa 2008.

Ok so key phrase in above paragraph is that I was slightly disappointed with 


 of it. Yes,


. Because in reality, I couldn’t help falling just a little bit in love with this white sun dress. For lack of a gorgeously feminine dress in my own wardrobe, I felt this filled a gap. Sometimes you just have to indulge in a little bit of pure girlishness. So I did. 

And we can’t forget the shimmering black

lamé tux

. It was incredibly sexy, the perfect interplay of femininity and masculinity, like a modern, metallic twist on Yves Saint Laurent’s

Le Smoking

of the late sixties. If my thighs were about 4 inches slimmer I’d have been


over it. And as much as I’m so bored with the whole fringing affair, the silver beaded fringe dress made my heart beat at least 20 times before you could even say the words ‘Great Gatsby!’

For me, the issue was more with the fit. Sure, these pieces are going to look absolutely incredible on the worlds most iconic model (let’s face it, it is Kate’s job to make clothes look good…) but they’re never going to make everyone look like a supermodel. Standing at the grandiose height of 5’3 with serious curves I could never pull off the pyjama pant trend without looking like one of those stilt-walking-clowns at carnivals, but without the stilts…

But if it makes you feel like a supermodel, then I guess that’s all that matters.


It’s exactly what these celebrity collaborative collections promise. They promise you a spirit slice of your icon. 

Did I feel like Kate Moss in this dress? No. But I did feel good. So I guess that’s all that matters. 

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