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I love statement jewellery. Since I was about three I used to love digging around my grandma’s jewellery box just to look at all of the big bright sparkly things. Gran’s always have

the best

 jewellery collection! I love sparkle, so I always felt a bit like a pirate discovering a treasure chest. 

Even so, over the years I developed a slight a fear of coloured jewellery. With big statement pieces costing a reflectively chunky amount it’s a bit of a pain investing in a piece that coordinates with


coloured top/dress that you own. 

Now that’s a commitment I’m not willing to make considering how the ‘new black’ is a different shade every few months or so. 

Silver is safe. If it’s just in the form of a twisted plait of chains, gunmetal grey gemstones or pure and clear crystal glass, the lack of colour means ultimate versatility. 

But I  couldn’t ignore my growing love for blue hues this season. Pastel blue has washed over my wardrobe so strongly this season that at first glances I’m pretty sure you could mistake my wardrobe for the baby boy section in Mothercare. 

So it just seemed wrong to withhold my water coloured wardrobe the right to a sparkly coordinating companion. 

Sure, I love a slight minimalist aesthetic in the with sleek and tailored silhouettes and simple hues, but my inner magpie simply can’t resist adding tiny bit of bling in the form of a giant necklace or a few stacked rings. It lets the jewellery take centre stage, just how it is meant to.

Let the statement piece make the statement.

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