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Phoebe Philo is a goddess. Not only has she transformed


into one of the current fashion landscapes major powerhouses, she’s created such strong signature aesthetics that dupes have infiltrated almost all high-street stores. Last season we were all over the

laundry bag check



get excited when I walk by the laundrette and see the bag that inspired the trend), but now it’s all about

eighties power paint strokes

. Everybody seems to want a piece of Céline’s parisian edge. 

The strong, arty, brushstroke prints were inspired by graffiti sprayed out over the inner-city walls of Paris. Well, you don’t get more Parisian-edge chic than that without swallowing a Jean Debuffet painting and washing it down with some LSD.  

What I really adore about this print is the strange sort of careful carelessness: the chaotic and sporadicalness of the brushstrokes somehow translate to look neat and immaculate. 

Until my bank balance will take me as far as Celine’s arty eighties brush strokes, I’m happy to stick to


. This skirt screams ‘my biro just leaked all over my new white skirt but it kinda looks cool so I’m just gonna go with it’… don’t you think? 

Wherever you buy your arty prints from this season (Zara, Choies, Céline), if it doesn’t look like an artist threw a paint palette at you then you’re just not doing it right.

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