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Viper’ Backpack by Sabrina Tach at Boticca *


Good & Co ‘Union Lane’ Silk Scarf at Boticca 


Silk on silk. One part minimalist black, one part a kaleidoscopic graffiti print. 

You can’t do the world traveller look without pulling inspiration from some of the most exciting style cultures in the world, so each outfit has pulled influences from one main cultural capital or continent. 

 Influences from the far-east are muted, but still subtly visible in this silk jumpsuit (and hidden by the scarf!). The elasticated waist and wrap-around body lets the tar black silk drape over the body and three-quarter sleeves are cut wide and look slightly kimono-like. The loose, elegant fit and folds of silk provide a modern take on an eastern inspired silhouette. 

Eastern influences in fashion are often way too exoticised, so I stripped it back and made it casual with the shoe of the season: 

the slip on skater.

 I felt way chilled out. Nothing spells comfort like a glorified onesie made of silk and flat shoes, right? Get me on a jet plane, pronto. 

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  1. love the "traveller" vibes that this scarf injects into the outfit! x