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You can’t take a girl to all of the corners of the world, but you can bring all the corners of the world to the girl. Through fashion, at least. 



. The website is an online bazaar filled with chic curiosities from designers spanning the entire globe. It brings the most beautiful international pieces to one online destination whilst showcasing the most exciting new talent in accessory design. 

A new-age Silk Road of e-shopping that lets you buy things from different parts of the world and experience other style cultures without even visiting.

For somebody who’s exotic holiday list is very limited (can you say Zante 2K11?), I find that Boticca is a pretty special store.

This backpack is a big deal. It’s the first one I’ve owned in years. We all know that the 5 year old school-girl vibe of backpacks has slowly been eradicated through the 90s style revival, but it was going to take a special backpack to turn me against my loyal clutches and feminine handbags. 

With it’s smooth, lacquered black leather and mock-croc accents, the ‘

Viper’ backpack by Sabrina Tach

at Boticca fits the bill perfectly. It’s grown-up and retains a sexy edginess whilst still looking smart and chic. And do you know how amazingly comfortable it is to wear? Plus, I now have two hands free when I’m walking down the street. I can carry my phone in one hand and a flat white in the other. 

Need I say more?

Sabrina Tach is from Uruguay

and started to design handbags using the fine leathers available in her home country. They bags are then all handmade by leather crafters, with each piece of leather being handpicked by Sabrina. Her designs are inspired by other cultures and travellers.

So not only does Boticca let you explore the global marketplace and connect you with new and exciting designs but it connects you with the designer and the story behind the pieces. Knowing the story behind each item gives it a personal touch, lending itself to a unique and special quality. 

I’m Sold.

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  1. The backpack is just perfect! You look really good in that colour :)

  2. love the jumpsuit! just bought the cream one for my mum but defo didn't see this colour…what a pop!Shanika | | Rants, Reviews and Revelations

  3. So gorgeous – love this look. That backpack is simply amazing will have to check Boticca out! (ps. always love reading your posts- you have such a fab style of writing) Justine

  4. Love this outfit, I need your mules! I'm getting quite jealous of your shoe xo