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Viper’ Backpack by Sabrina Tach at Boticca *


Good & Co ‘Union Lane’ Silk Scarf at Boticca 


I never did the whole travelling thing. Growing up in the midlands, it was never really a thing that people really did. When we finished college we didn’t go on gap years to Thailand or South America and immerse ourself in new and exciting cultures. We went to Magaluf and Zante, and immersed ourselves into 10€ fishbowls and cheap nightclubs hounded by fellow Brits.

So taking part in

ASOS Fashion Finder’s World Traveller blogger challenge

lived up to it’s name: 



a challenge. 

But that’s the beauty in the modern world. With just the click of a button on the web you’re transported to another world. It becomes a kaleidoscope of culture. 

Sure, googling “cuban beach” is never going to be the same as having baked warm sand stuck between your toes, but a girl has an imagination for a reason. 

I wanted to use the blogger style challenge quite literally. I wanted to explore a trend that I’m not too familiar with whilst staying true to my own personal style staples: feminine silhouettes, tailored, and chic. So for the challenge I took pieces I had that reminded me of a country that I had googled so obsessively that I had almost tricked my brain into thinking I had actually been there.

This Zara two-piece has such a minimalist and puritan feel, it made me think of white villas in an old Turkish town overlooking glistening blue seas. The effortlessly paired-back pieces allowed me to play up the printed silks against a blank canvas.

I hope you enjoy these upcoming posts, once again the full feature on

ASOS is here

. It was great styling such great pieces, but I’ll go into more detail on the wonderful website of Boticca and the designer’s of these beautiful pieces in tomorrows post.  

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  1. Beautiful! The scarf is perfect, cool challenge love all your outfits!

  2. Same here with the travelling thing, no gap year for me just 10 days in Magaluf haha! Love this look. You've nailed it! xx

  3. Love the Zara top and skirt!! A two-piece is top of my