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If you saw me walking around town when I was around 16 you’d have thought that I had been dipped in glue and rolled around in my Grandmas jewellery box. 

Who was it who said 

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”


Of course, it was Coco Chanel.

 Let’s just say that about five years ago me and Coco certainly didn’t see eye to eye on that matter. 

But I was young and foolish and living in a style culture filled with little indie girls with a ‘more is more’ vintage styled approach to fashion. If you didn’t walk around looking like the inside of an Oxfam charity shop then well, you were probably a Chav. 

Present day is different. Of course there is this uber feminine trend of sorbet pastel shades crafted from densely textured fabrics, or bold exotic prints that just scream ‘pay attention!’ but there’s this other side of style with luxe fabrics and structural lines. The colour palette is made of muted tonal greys, clinical whites and tar black. 

Besides, basic needn’t be boring. The raw minimalism is an aesthetic majorly inspired by scandinavian-chic. Quality and structure is key. Lavish Alice nailed it with this dress: the jersey is soft to touch and so thick that it keeps it’s fine Chanel style structure with ease (the two-part, cropped top design reminds me of 


Chanel Couture dresses…). And did I mention it’s this summers most popular colour? White. You don’t get more minimal than that.  

Take a look at some of the other dresses they have at the moment


Too much choice and too much accessorising can be overwhelming. Minimalism is like detoxing. It’s refreshing. You need to have a little bit of self control to get it right (something that I seem to lack when it comes to fashion). But the resulting image can be powerful in it’s raw flawlessness. 

With minimalism you wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear you.  

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  1. That is brilliant what you said about oxfam charity shop and looking like a chav, haha! Love this outfit you look gorgeous, sometimes minimal can work SO well, as in this case!

  2. Oh hunni you are everything! Work it! ps… i added you to my 'Blogs i Luuurvee' List! x