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we all just take a minute to appreciate the swan photobombing picture number 2?

moving swiftly on… 

pictures were actually snapped a few weeks ago when I was back visiting my
family in Leicester, hence the slightly duller skies and thicker, heavier
attire compared to what we’ve been wearing around here in London as of late.
Leather trousers definitely are not going to cut it in this weather. Can you
say sticky? 


blue is swiftly becoming my staple wardrobe colour for Spring. 

said that this coat reminds them of Kate Middleton. Sure, Kate definitely isn’t
the sassiest and edgiest woman on the block, but who doesn’t want to swan
around feeling just a bit like royalty? 

title is called riverside, but realistically it should be called swampside. I
can almost taste the pollution… 

me to a beach in Hawaii, right now. 

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