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Culottes: the uglier, bulkier, sensible cousin of the sexy and flirtatious midi skirt. Just the name conjures images of middle-aged women in the mid nineties during hot summer day outings to Skegness. In Khaki linen – all the rage – screams safari chic, no? Fish and chips in hand, can of Lilt in the other. 

But culottes have been reinvented. They have evolved in a trouser climate overpopulated with denim and disco fabrics. Topshops

silky midnight navy ones

shine with an uber cool sports luxe aesthetic whilst boohoo.com have thrown out some

delicate blue china floral pairs

. The new culottes seem to have structure and modernity that creates a directional edge. Paired with heels take culottes to their strongest element: they become a sophisticated, sexy and chic statement.

These particular Topshop culottes (as seen on me) lack the glamour of their silky counterparts, falling only a little bit shy of those worn by the middle aged holiday goer. But I cant help but feel that the relaxed indigo denim retains an element of laid back nineties cool. 

Although for me they seem to wander down the androgynous road that I’m all too often afraid to explore. You’ll definitely be seeing me pairing these with super girly cami tops, statement jewellery and dainty strappy sandals. 

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  1. Culottes look fab on you, I want to try and pull them off now! xxfashiontatt.blogspot.com

  2. I have to say that I was a little sceptical about culottes a while ago, but now I actually like them 🙂 You look perfect in them!www.indgo-lights.blogspot.pt

  3. Still on the fence with culottes, but if I was ever to wear them, I would almost definitely go for the monochrome approach similar to yours. fashionas-art.blogspot.co.ukHannah xo