Greyscale Florals

Paper Dolls at Little Mistress





Mango Jacke

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Zara Bag


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Originally when I planned this outfit I thought


. There’s nothing more fun than florals, right? So lets have fun with it. I’m talking bold red lips, a high ponytail, tanned skin, a bright handbag with a matching tee, sunshine (wishful thinking, I know), sunglasses and blogger-smiley-face (rare occurrence. I’m more of a sparrow-faced pouter.) 

There was no sunshine. In fact, it rained. 

And does anybody else find that wearing MAC Diva lipstick makes them look way paler? I can assure you I was actually as tanned as Kim Kardashian at the time these photographs were taken. 

 Somehow with the dismal weather, the deep berry lips and the almost vampiric looking caped black jacket this has translated into something far darker. It’s almost morbid, in a strange yet sexy way. 

But these elements of darkness seem to flirt with the moody monochromatic florals perfectly. The inky dark tones in the digital print suit lend an element of mystery. And who doesn’t want to be just a little bit mysterious? 

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