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Ella H.

Blossom. White midi skirts. Gingham prints. Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention the swarm of bees hiding in the petals. It simply isn’t spring time without a swarm of bees. 

During those few rare days of sunshine I headed to St. James’ Park to shoot these photos with the gorgeous 

Ella H

Now it may come as a surprise (or not) to you that I usually hate posing for blog photos. Sure, I throw out the occasional narcissistic instagram selfie when I feel the need to share with the world exactly how my face is looking at that very second in time, but theres something I find really uncomfortable about posing for blog photos. 

Maybe it’s the fact that people look at you with an expression that clearly reads “but you’re way too short to be a model…”  Or the fact that people looking just puts me a little on edge. How are you supposed to concentrate on your best fashion face with a crowd of tourists looking?

You get an uncomfortable wave of embarrassment as the extent of your apparent vanity hits you clear in the face.

Luckily Ella made me feel completely at ease, it was great to enjoy the sunshine and be productive. 

Even the bees didn’t bother me!

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  1. What an amazing pictures. And as always you look stunning. I've never been super comfortable in front of a camera, in fact you can find my more behind it then in front. So I don't know why I put myself in front of a camera and then put those pictures on the internet. But I love blogging and hopefully I'll get more comfortable in front of the camera, the more I stand in front of it!

  2. ah the photography in this is so stunning, beautiful! xo

  3. Sophie these shots are gorgeous! Love your outfit! Emmie

  4. Absolutely dreamy photographyShanika | | Rants, Reviews and Revelations

  5. So gorgeous! I loveee these pics! I know what you mean about feeling awkward posing for blog photos. I've got a little more used to it now but still feel the same sometimes! Justine

  6. Beautiful photos, even if you don't feel comfortable lol! I need that bag *sighs* and the skirt *sighs again*

  7. You look stunning! Beautiful photos and outfitI know what you mean its so awkward when people can see you taking photos! Oh well totally worth it!

  8. These photographs are beautiful! I totally get the whole posing for blog photos – I do sometimes find it insanely embarrassing. This ensemble is a beaut xo

  9. These photos are absolutely beautiful, wow! x

  10. Just found your blog and I love it, You're beautiful! :)Just followed, would love for you to check out our blog and follow us tooo <