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Never had I ever imagined I’d end up buying a Barbie pink coat. 

Not at the age of 22.

When pinkish hues began to make their way into collections over the past few seasons it was easy to envision myself in a chic baby pink coat. But a bursting bright raspberry hue? 

You have got to be kidding me.

It shouldn’t work- at least not on me. I should look like Barbie’s brunette friend, the unpopular one that nobody ever wanted, you’d be bitterly disappointed at receiving for your birthday, and would be marched straight back to Toys R Us to be exchanged for the popular blonde one. 

But somehow this coat translates perfectly. Whether it’s the clean cut lines that keep it somewhat stripped back, or its swinging silhouette that reminds me of the sixties, I felt completely drawn to it.

The 60’s has that

je ne sais quoi

that so many of us find fascinating. Those of us who never got to experience those days seem captivated by the decade. The fashion, the photography, the music: to us it feels like an explosion of creativity and culture that we never got to experience, something that is never-present in our modern millennial lives. 

But then you never realise how important and special a movement ever really is until you look back and understand its significance. 

Nostalgia makes everything much sweeter.

Excuse me whilst I go and purchase a vespa to scoot across the city on…

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