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I am a heel-o-holic. 

Not in an stereotypical WAG-in-stripper-heels kind of way. Not in the same way some girls pull big shapes to try and get their red-soled Louboutin’s into shot. 

I’m more of a Carrie Bradshaw getting all flustered over Manolos. 

Pointed courts, strappy sandals, or heeled boots- obviously they can look beautiful. But for me it’s more about how they make you 


rather than how they


High heels give you that confidence (dare I say, sass? ok, too much) that you just don’t get from wearing flats. Unless of course, you are a bit of a Bambi-on-ice when heeled- in which case confidence is probably reduced to the minimum. 

So my issues with flats? 

1. Sassy stride becomes a bouncy little stomp.

2. Say it with me:

thunder thighs

(although this coat does wonders for hiding them!). My legs turn into short, dumpy tree trunks.

But here I am, in all of my 5 ft 3 glory, embracing the flat shoe trainer trend in the form of faux-Celine checked slip-ons from Topshop. 

And you know what?

I sort of love it. 

 Thanks to


Chanel Couture show, Phoebe Philo, Cara Delevigne and the retro revival of 90s sportswear, the whole idea of when and where you can wear flat shoes- especially trainers- has been redefined. 

Sure, there is a fine line between casual chic and looking all a little bit too Lily Allen circa 2006, but the right kind of flats can add an urban edge to classically dressed up looks. (By the way, this is no dig at Lily Allen, I have a lot of respect for that woman, just trainers and prom dresses were never my thing.)

Looks like I’ll be falling flat this season. Topshops Celine-esque slip ons are fast becoming my favourite shoe staple. 

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