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This outfit post is pretty momentous: it’s the first time that I’ve worn my hair up in pictures. For years I’ve had fringes, semi fringes, long hair, anything and everything that attempts to cover the extensive mass of my giant forehead. 

 I’ve had a huge aversion to tying my hair back since we were forced to back in primary school – heavens forbid that we could potentially share head lice (jesus, children can be so gross). 

And I hated it. It completely lacked Disney Princess glamour that even now a billion girls want to achieve and it showed off my huge forehead (or fivehead, or moonhead. These have been particularly successful nicknames past boyfriends have oh so affectionately called it.

Young love

, huh?)

I just googled ‘celebrities with big foreheads’ to try and convince myself that it’s okay 

and this is what I found

Yeah, so that wasn’t the most convincing article. I don’t feel that much better, so until they figure out some form of surgery to make it smaller I’m just going to have to embrace the fivehead. 

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