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Primark’s pink boyfriend coat. I almost started to believe that it was just a high-street urban myth. Something that they had made as part of an advertising campaign to lure eager shoppers into the store (on several occasions), only to be disappointed (on several occasions), and then drown our sorrows by spending £60 (on several occasions) on things we never even needed….

But it’s real, and the quality is actually really surprisingly good. Buyers beware: it is seriously oversized. So if you are wanting the whole Barbie-does-NY-Bag-Lady thing then great, buy it in your own size. If not, downsize.. twice maybe.

I hope you’re loving

fashion slave’s

 sophisticated new look! A big thank you to 

Magic Feather Designs

for making it so pretty and 

Damon Smith

for designing my logo!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow dear you look amazing! You look great and I love your blog so much now! The coat is to die for, I am se sad that we don't have primark, and that bag is definitely a must in my closet

  2. Your outfits never fail to make me green with envy! You look beaut I'm so jealous this coat suits you, I tried it on and I looked like a bag lady 🙁 xxx

  3. Loved that coat but I'm too dark for such a cute colour haha. I always love how you wear your satchel too x

  4. Ahhhh I LOVE it, I wish I could get my hands on it! Glad you finally did though, i've been seeing you lust for it for months now haha!

  5. I thought this coat was a high street myth too. I still haven't found one in my local Primarks. X

  6. Just found your blog and love what I've read so far.You're posts are detailed and show your personality which is great so will be following.I must admit I have been hunting for this coat for ages and am happy to continue after your review.Looking forward to seeing what you do next.Jenna xx

  7. I love the coat! Definitely looks like something from Topshop/Zara! – Charlotte

  8. Such a gorgeous coat! love this all together! xx Ayesha

  9. You have the coat! I am so jealous – still looking for it in my local branches! looks great on you

  10. Wahh can't believe this is a Primark number..been lusting after a pastel coat for a while now! Better get me down to Primark sharpish!

  11. Girl after my own heart!! Except 60 later and I'm still coatless 🙁 you wear it well girl. Hug it for me! Haha x