Choies Dress

| Topshop Jacket (last season) | H&M Necklace (in store) | 

Zara Patent Boots

 | Mulberry Bag | Miss Selfridge Hat (two seasons old) Photographs by

Ilona Robinson

Most people who know are fully aware of my love of short dresses. And short skirts. And short shorts. But even I have a limit. 

This dress here? Yeah sure, it’s bordering streetwalker length… but the addition of a classy floppy hat cancels that out completely. I think. 

I hope.

And no matter how much I may have tricked you into thinking this is a really lovely bomber jacket, it’s utter deceptions, all lies. 

Whoever decided to make neoprene a fashionable material had far too much love for surfing, wetsuits, and feeling clammy.

Fashion is pain.

Or in this particular case, fashion is feeling clammy all in favour of looking good…

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