Lacquered Leather

Glamorous UK Patent Skirt

Topshop Fluffy Sweater


& Other Stories Cut Out Shoe

 | ASOS Rings | Primark Bag & Necklace

Anybody who says that patent leather is a pleasure to wear is a liar. Or a dominatrix. Because it really does not feel too sexy on your skin. Have acrylic or gel nails? Rub them against some patent leather, I dare you.

Acrylics on patent is the new nails on a chalkboard.

And when you wear a leather handbag on the crook of your arm? They rub against each other, making the same sound as a squeaky balloon.

If there are so many complaints, why wear it?

Because it looks cool. The whole lacquered leather thing looks gorgeous: it’s sleek, dark, dangerous. It’s just a bit bad.

50 shades of ‘I dont really give a ****’


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  1. The fluffy and the patent look so great together! I also have a large soft spot for &Other Stories shoes

  2. Love your style!! And I especially love that jumper of yours!! x

  3. Gorgeous outfit. I love your skirt and rucksack x

  4. The fluffy knit is the perfect pairing with your skirt!Have a fabulous weekend xoxo

  5. Oh my god girl your new blog is amazing! I love how functional it is right now! The outfit is super, live the skirt

  6. Gorgeous lady! Love the fluffy jumper & also can't believe that bag is from Primark – amazing! Justine

  7. Love the jumper and backpack!! love how you've paired them together! xx Ayesha

  8. I have seen so many diff cut out boots but they are SOOOOO amazing and different to any other. Love!!!!! xx

  9. Love this very much! Beautiful combo – I have similar pieces that you have inspo'd me to put together <3