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Mixing retro rolled up checked trousers with 90’s mesh, a vintage ladybag and and an oversized biker… on paper it’s not a combination that should work. It’s a combination that brings a sartorial shudder to the mind. But somehow it came together. I know we have all seen


 Primark Autumn Winter campaign photos (and yes, like you I am also still still


 waiting for that Pink boyfriend coat… does it even exist?!) but I had my doubts that the collection could be that good. Let’s face it, a £20 coat and £12 trousers usually look great shot in a studio on a tall thin model who’s hair glitters like gold and eyes so surreal you could be forgiven for believing they have the power to shoot lasers, but thrown into a pile on the Primark floor swarmed with tourists and children.. no. Not usually quite so glamorous as the campaign photographs. No, gross.

But take the clothes out of the store and there’s a bit of a surprise. Yeah sure, I mean these trousers don’t fit great (I had to sew the waist and ankles tighter whilst I struggled to get my bum and thighs into them…) but how Zara-esque are they? 

Primark, well done.

Oh and, sorry about the lack of posts (again, oops!) I’ve been really busy with work and job interviews, so I’ve come back home to Leicester for this weekend to relax a little bit.

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  1. Your trousers are gorgeous and such a bargain! You look so pretty x

  2. Love this trendy chic look!! 🙂 I'm your new follower!! :)

  3. Such a fantastic outfit! I love the bag, was very disappointed when I scrolled down only for it to say vintage :'( x

  4. Love how you've styled those trousers, you've made it edgy by wearing that top!

  5. Ha i love what you wrote! Im waiting on the Primarni coat too! However you made this look uber class! I love it x

  6. Such a elegant and chic outfit! love the top and trousers!xx Ayesha

  7. Love this outfit. Would have never thought those pants are from primark, you're right they look like something you could find in Zara for way too much many.

  8. Them trousers are gorgeous! Hope they're still in store, I want some so bad, can't believe they're Primark!