London Fashion Week Style Diary

Somerset House

It’s like a volcano of neon brights and fur and blush pinks and knits and statement jewellery and checks just erupted, spilling molten tartan larva all around the courtyard and show space. A breeding ground of excess, extravagance and elegance. A sartorial stadium of style and the sometimes strange. Somerset House during Fashion Week is like nothing else.

“Do you mind if I take your photo?”

“..errrr yeah sure”

Cue 10 people snapping away and zooming in from all angles. Rather than a cooling rush of ego: “So this is what it’s like to feel famous” or simply “Yes, I am a Goddess”, it’s more like a boiling flood of “oh dear god, if you do a close up of my sunglasses will you see that giant spot I covered with concealer two shades too dark because my tan has faded?”.


Anticipation gets you. In the run up to fashion week it’s all about waiting for the post to drop. That feeling when you’ve ordered an amazing pair of shoes and you’re waiting for your local Hermes courier to deliver it? Imagine that. Time is by a thousand. That’s what it feels like when waiting for and receiving invites, as I’m sure many of you will know.

The Shows

Reporting for

British MODE magazine

, I was lucky enough to be invited to Bora Aksu, Eudon Choi, Holly Fulton, John Rocha, David Koma, Mark Fast and Maria Grachvogel shows, as well as Burberry’s in-store live screening and a good few Fashion Scout shows. To read my full reviews of the shows head over to 

British MODE’s


Well…Apart from Holly Fulton. Why? Oh, you know… Just because I was in a hurry to make the train, and it was raining, and a car drove by me and in a very sex-and-the-city kind of way, went and splashed water all over my outfit.

Yeah. That really happened. Soaked. Drenched. Weeks of planning outfits ruined by one traumatic and embarrassing incident.

The Diet

As much as I’d like to say I stuck to the fashion week diet of eating absolutely nothing apart from a small cube of cheese right before I pass out (thanks,

the Devil Wears Prada

for that gem of dietary knowledge), I’m afraid I’d be completely lying to you. As you can clearly see.

New Look’s Fashion Week Refuel Room

Rejuvenated, refreshed, and saved by New Look. Topping up your makeup, re-curling your rain-dampened locks, and feeding your starved (or not so starved, in my case) stomachs, the refuel room was like being in a bloggers bubble, a chic and stylish and most importantly dry haven amongst the rainy streets of London.

The Outfits

I know it’s a sin to wear something twice for fashion week, but come on.. that Christopher Kane-esque skirt was just too good to put back in the wardrobe.

Day One: 

Topshop Skirt

| ASOS Jumper | 

Mongolian Scarf


Zara Patent Boots

| Primark Patent Bag

Day Two: 

Topshop Shir



ASOS Jeans


Mongolian Scarf

| Zara TRF Jacket | Miss Selfridge Hat (old) | 

Zara Patent Boots

| Primark Patent Bag

Day Three: Topshop Dress (out of stock online) | 

Topshop Coat

 | Ebay Scarf | 

Zara Patent Boots

| Primark Patent Bag

Day Four: ASOS Shirt (old) | Topshop Jacket (old) | 

Zara Patent Boots

| Primark Satchel

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  1. Day three is the greatest outfit of all time. I also do the cube of cheese thing thanks to the Devil Wears Prada hahahaha!

  2. Your Christopher Kane esque skirt was definitely too good to put back in the wardrobe! I love how you have made it look completely different in two outfits x

  3. gorgeous outfit's all of them! I think the second one is my favourite! xo

  4. I love them all but I think my favourite is day three, love the pink with the tartan- wouldn't have thought it would work but it totally does. Sounds like such an amazing week bar the getting splashed by a car!

  5. I love the blue camo skirt, it is gorgeous! You look lovely every day :)

  6. Hi there^^,You have such a great sense of fashion! Those outfits are adorable and so suitable for fall <3Fashion week has to be awesome, Im so jealous ;)xxxAbby