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Autumn is my favourite month. Spring, Summer and Winter can be so unpredictable. Planning a summer barbecue? It’ll rain. Dreaming of a white christmas? It’s sunny. But in Autumn, the leaves always fall. Like torn off, scattered pieces of brown packaging paper. Deep mahogany. Sickly yellows. Natures confetti.

I hadn’t planned on colour coordinating nature with my accessories, but how well do the leaves go with my new

Marb B Helena Bag


Marc B seem to nail every handbag trend: totes, tans, structures, chains, quilting. What surprised me the most was the quality of the bags against their affordable prices. From the gorgeous leopard print (swoon) lining, to the quality super stylish structuring of the bag, to the little gold studs adorning the bottom of the bag to protect it, the

Helena Bag

 oozes classic simple chic.

I felt like a modern little red in this outfit, with the basket filled with snacks for dear old grandma replaced by a gorgeous handbag. Oh yeah, and no big scary wolf. Not only does it look beautiful, it’s practical too (something we all know is rare in fashion). There are two separate zipped compartments, one with a slip pocket for your phone (lets be real now, half of the time spent in our handbags is used up on delving into the depths of unorganised girl mess to retrieve the long lost phone). This way I can stuff one side with my iPad, planner, phone and notebook (the important, practical, journalistic necessities). The other compartment? That’s being filled with makeup, a copy of Vogue, and a crunchie bar. You know, equally practical necessities…

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  1. Your coat is gorgeous, such a lovely colour x

  2. love this outfit so much! the red really suits you .emmie 🙂

  3. Wow you look gorgeous! I absolutely adore your outfit, seriously love that coat, it's such a bright, vivid red! :)

  4. I truly love this, you look so cute 🙂 xo

  5. Love how you've lost the punk connotations of tartan and made it look so chic! Great bag too, I need a new bag for college and this seems perfect.Anna

  6. Ooooh Sophie, you are walking talking beautiful Autumn! You absolutely embody this season in this outfit, you look stunning. I wish I had your coat (and clothes and hair and mouth, heck, everything else). You are gorgeous & I particularly love that tartan shirt. I want it so badly, I would wear it to death!Flora |Two With Seven Blog|

  7. I'm in love with this coatSO SO gorgeous xx

  8. I love this outfit, very striking.New follower by the way.much love, Annie

  9. Hi, Your blog is gorgeous! Pictures are beautiful… as are you! Love the styling … WANT this whole out fit. Come have a look at my blog… I'm just starting out Becky from