Like a Moth to a 100% Pure Silk flame: The August Edit.




. Characterised by intense agitation, excitement, confused and rapid movement.

I’m messy, unorganised, and I kind of like feeling stressed. It motivates me. So I tend to let things get a little chaotic.

August > Hectic


London. Having your own place in SE1 right by the Tate Modern for all of August? Rooftop views of the London eye? I can’t complain. Well, maybe I could… Because I could only really take 1/4 of my wardrobe with me until I moved into my final place in South West London at the end of August…


Being alone. I think people are a little scared of being alone. Spending a month completely by myself in the apartment in Central London was actually ridiculously daunting. But I think you can only truly be happy when you’re comfortable with being by yourself. If you always need to be surrounded by others or just one person, it does not make you very strong. Sure, after a bottle of wine to myself in my pyjamas I felt a little bit like Bridget Jones in the opening scene in the first film, but that girl ended up with a cool job and a hot lawyer boyfriend… 


To a fashion obsessive, is there anything worse than the thought of being restrained to wearing only a quarter of your wardrobe for a month? 


The thought of having hundreds of moths nibbling away at your favourite and most beloved clothing. That’s the worst.


What are you doing?… That’s 100% silk! Stop that! It’s Vintage! “

Moths don’t understand English. Moths don’t care if it’s vintage 60’s eyelash lace…

So my beautiful new flat and beautiful new bedroom has a far less beautiful carpet which is all patchy and eaten away by (yeah you guessed it) moths. It’s a week home in Leicester or the futon in the lounge for me, until this is sorted out. Either way I’m living out of a suitcase..



autumnal tartan outfit

appeared in Look Magazine’s Street Style section the other week. And a few days later I was 

Company Magazines Forum Blogger of the Week

. It was lovely having such nice things written about my blog!


I have developed an unhealthy obsession with pancakes, bacon and maple syrup. Lord have mercy on my thighs.


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  1. Hope the moths are gone soon! Last you need is a few cheeky holes in your favourite clothes! And I know what you mean about the loneliness in London, can be nice sometimes but after a while it gets boring, to say there's so many people there really isn't at the same time haha!

  2. That moth situation sounds like my worst nightmare! And I'm majorly jealous of your views, but not of the loneliness, I've felt the same, it's like that whatever city you're in that isn't "home" I think. But being happy with your own company is definitely SO important I agree, I know so many people that aren't and it makes me feel so much better to know that I love to be by myself sometimes!

  3. Oh GOD how I sympathise with that last one. Why does it have to be so bad when it tastes so good?Z

  4. Moth balls!!! he so helps either that or your put ur vintage/fav clothes in a clothes bag in your closet.Agreed with the own company bit, i love my own company x Welcome to london!

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