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Jumpsuits have always scared me. My slight fear seems to be intrinsically linked to a serious fashion faux pas as a child. Remember catsuits of the 90s/early 00s? The ugly older aunt of todays glamorous jumpsuits and flirty playsuits? 

There was a school disco. I was about 9 or 10. There was a catsuit. It was high necked at the top, bootcut at the bottom, and deep, dark purple velvet. 

Oh, and did I mention I was fat back then? 

Yes. I was one of the fat kids in primary school. And I learnt the hard way that skintight, bootcut, high necked, purple velvet certainly is not flattering, pretty nor cute on a fat kid. I looked like a cheap round fuzzy Christmas bauble. And it has caused an aversion to all things all-in-one like.

…Until this beauty. When I tweeted about it my friend Joe came back at me saying it looked like a ninja suit. And when I first put it on, it actually did. And it still does, even with the accessories.

But that’s okay, because now I have a brilliantly chic outfit for the next fancy dress event I attend.

The silhouette of this jumpsuit drapes and skims over the body in 100% silk. With jewels and a beaded clutch, kitten-heel courts and S-wave curls, it can easily take a 40s siren turn.

At £90 from Topshop, it is a little bit pricey, but I haven’t worn it out and yet and not had at least one person come up and give me a compliment and ask where it is from (four times in 10 days… probably needs a wash now).

So if you want to feel like a silky sophisticated stylish ninja siren, invest.

I am no longer a cheap round fuzzy velvet bauble. I am a silk ninja.


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  1. Oh wow, I think I'm in total love with this jumpsuit! It looks amazing – and I'm so sold on this!Becks

  2. This is hot! Can't believe that bag is from primark!

  3. omg i need one, praying it will go on sale soon! I used to have a velvet catsuit too, it had a high-neck & was pink with sparkles on the bottom- too cool for school! x

  4. Your jumpsuit is gorgeous! I love how you have paired in with your white bag x

  5. Stunning jumpsuit, I love how classy and simple it is. Still cannot get over how that satchel was a Primark bargain! xx

  6. Gorgeous!! I nearly bought this bag today as well, but at the last minute I talked myself out of it. Seeing it look so chic here on you has made me regret that now…must get back down to Primark!- Tabitha at x

  7. Don't worry, I think we were all subject to the bootcut velvet catsuit at a school disco at one point. But so much has changed, you look amazing! And I cannot believe that bag is Primark. Very Cambridge Satchel Co.Anna

  8. Love this outfit, looks so chic! Congrats for getting Forum Blogger of the Week <3Much love,Jennifer

  9. Found your blog on Company magazines blogger of the week, congrats!! I love your blog!

  10. Amaaaaaaaaazing! The jumpsuit looks fabulous on you! Just followed you!Lily

  11. I've always had a fear of jumpsuits too, due to my height, but you look absolutely stunning in this! It suits you to the tee, beautiful :)Kirsti xx

  12. ah, well you certainly rocked the jumpsuit this time round! I love it paires with that satchel