The Dress, the Gown and the No-Show Louboutin's: The Graduation Edit

Sessun Silk Dress

Primark Sandals

Zara Bag

Topshop Sunglasses 

(tortoise version


Gowns and  Ceremonies

Like most of you, usually when I think of gowns I imagine red-carpet-worthy molten crimson Valentino dresses. Ethereal Elie Saab numbers with chiffon skirts so delicate they look like they are made of soft wisps of smoke or cloud. And although I can now tell you that I walked down the red carpet in a voluminous black midi gown without lying to you, I’d only be talking about the red carpet in the ceremony hall and my scorching hot, oversized graduation gown. Definitely not as exciting. And most certainly not as glamourous. Especially in 35 degree heat…

The Dress

It goes without saying that one-colour skater style dresses are getting just a little bit blasé now… Don’t you think? But this bright poppy-red silk dress with beautiful backless bow detail… just… there are no words for how perfect it is… 

Although the back (or lack of back) was hidden for the ceremony, the bow peeped out at the top and added a tiny glint of glamour to the graduation gown. 

The Shoes

Anyone who follows me on instagram will know all too well (sorry for the photo overload…) that I received Louboutin’s as my graduation present. This probably puts me in the top 5% of luckiest/happiest girls ever. But the reality? I am a coward. After days of breaking them in, I simply could not risk the possible humiliation of “Oh. My. God…She fell in Louboutin’s..?” during the ceremony. Obviously, I’d have styled it out as gracefully and humorously as the wonderful Jennifer Lawrence after the Oscars/Dior/Fall incident. But I would not take the risk. The Louboutin’s absence was filled by shoes from the complete other end of the price and design scale… the classic £12 Primark black strappies.

What do you think of my outfit? If you graduated what did you wear?

Sophie x

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  1. Love this dressThe colour and back is gorgeous xx

  2. Congrats on graduating! you still look fab without the loubs

  3. oh god it's the worst isn't it! not the day you want to be wearing a giant black cape and a silly black hat!!! shorts and t shirt weather!

  4. congrats on graduation! this dress he is perfect, the color is so wonderful! lindsey

  5. Love your dress. And you look awesome in round sunglasses. And love your writing too :)Adela

  6. First, congrats on graduating! I think your outfit is beautiful! I graduated with my master's in December and I wore a pink and white Betsey Johnson dress and sky high heels. I didn't fall, but I was nervous!MabelLife of Mabel

  7. that sounds absolutely gorgeous!! wish I could have seen. I love seeing what people wear for things like graduation because it is a special moment and you always keep the photos!

  8. you look absolutely amazing! so beautiful. completely understand why you didn't wear the shoes, so horrible when you want to wear a new pair of shoes but don't want to risk that terrible walk of shame after falling. i'm sure they will get their outing soon! congratulations of graduation and again, looking lovely :)Katie-Louise xx |

  9. you look stunning!! and those shoes do not look like they are from primark! congrats on graduating 🙂