Red Haze

Primark Blouse

Zara Skort

Zara Clutch

Primark Heels

H&M Chain Necklace

Topshop Sunglasses

I caved.

After avoiding the notorious Zara skort for a good couple of months, I couldn’t hold out any longer. The skort has somehow become an unofficial uniform of bloggers worldwide. It seemed a little too cliche to buy, but its versatility completely won me over… It goes with absolutely everything. Oh, and I must mention the sizes come up a bit large, and it always gives you just a little ego boost when your usual size is too big… Another slice of pizza for me, guilt free.

Sophie x

Photos by 

Harry Plester

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  1. Love the look!!Was this blouse a recent buy!?I'm in love xx

  2. Love this look and colour combination. Can't believe that shirt is from Primark.. definitely need to get my hands on one! 🙂LaraLouisex

  3. love your skort and clutch! amazing outfit!xx Ayesha

  4. I love this skort I tried it on in zara but had to choose between it and a white cross over skirt

  5. Ohh so gorgeous and what a lovely setting for your pictures too! I'm literally counting the days until payday and a trip to Zara!

  6. yeah i was after a white crossover skirt but couldnt find one i liked so opted for this instead!

  7. I've been avoiding buying the notorious skort too, but it is just so fab!

  8. bring on the pizza! you look amazing, like seriously amazing! Didn't realise the skort came in red, I have the typical white one, may have to indulge in the red one after seeing how you've styled it so perfectly! lovely lovely lovely! xxx

  9. thank you! i bought both the white and the red because i just couldnt make my mind up!

  10. Love this look! Especially the red skort, I see the white and the black ones everywhere but this red one is even more nice!

  11. Can't believe that shirt is Primark! Looks so so good with the shorts. I just bought the same pair in white and it's my favourite thing to wear right now!Love the

  12. Ahh I love this ! I have been debating whether to take the plunge and get a skort, you might have sold it to me !! Looks lush <3 beautiful as always xxxx

  13. This skirt really suits you! I love the bold red. I don't think i'd be able to get away with wearing one of these.. you look fab though!Thanks for the comment on my blog :) xo

  14. Hi, just came across your blog by chance, love this look- you've completely nailed the monochrome grid trend and the abstract uneven hem trend in one outift and on a budget. Looking forward to seeing more!Becky

  15. Oh. My. GodI love this look! So effortlessly chic and fabulous! I've got the Skort in black and white but am really thinking I need the red now too.. Love R