Graduation: Top 3 Gifts for the Sartorially Obsessed

If you google ‘graduation gift’ you
are faced with pages of online stores offering you an array of graduate
delights ranging from 

cuddly personalised graduation bears

bronze graduation figurine


perspex plaques with CONGRATULATIONS engraved. 

Oh please. The only perspex I want
to be seeing is in the form of block heel on a sandal, or the Chanel, Valentino
and other designers’ see through clutches.

In all honesty, I want something a
little more special, stylish, and a little more 


 to commemorate three years of slaving away in lectures,
libraries, nightclubs etc. Something classic, timeless, elegant and chic that I
will actually use. Lets face it, there is nothing less personal than a gift
that is so blasé and impersonal that it can only actually become personal by
putting someones name on it.

A special gift is different through
everyones eyes, but as a fashion slave, here are my top three Graduation Gift
ideas that I am lusting over.

Untitled #4

I’m pretty sure that getting a
degree means more to my mother than it actually does to me; she really is
insanely proud. So she suggested a chunk classic armcandy: the watch. I wear
little gold, but mixed metals seems a sensible style choice to cover
my back when my love affair with gold jewellery is reignited again one day.
Daniel Wellington is a clear blogger favourite, whereas the Omega is about 10
times out of my budget… but a girl can dream.

Untitled #4

There was once a time when if you
said ‘Burberry’, and we all would think of a Chav in a counterfeit print scarf
and an Adidas tracksuit (before Adidas tracksuits and sports luxe became
stylish anyway). In general, the trench is totally unrivalled in history as its
design rest in wartime practicality. Yet it still remains relevant as a style
staple today. Its sartorial success is not only down to its functionality but
its versatility: buttoned up over over a suit like the businessmen of London,
or worn open with jeans and converse, a bit more like me. The Burberry brand
and trench coats are symbiotic. I would never go as far to say Burberry would
be nothing without the trench, but it is their most iconic piece by far. The
brand embodies British heritage and classic, timeless silhouettes in a form of
constant versatility that will never be beaten.


So I have a confession. About three weeks ago I
completely blasphemed against the shoe lords. I said I thought Louboutin’s had
become.. dare I say it.. a little bit.. tacky…

But hear me out: I said this only through the sheer
boredom and frustration of seeing countless cheap-shoe-shop copies attached to
feet everywhere. You know the ones, the big, 5inch, clumpy, platform-y, black
or glittery ones with the big fake red sole that is as soulless as Cruella

The truth is, in the shoe world, Louboutin’s are
completely iconic. Red carpets just seem to look more maroon without
the presence of a model or an actress sauntering over in a classic
pair of Louboutin’s.

When you think of practicality, I’m pretty sure you
don’t envisage 4-5inch designer heels. But think of it this way: feet don’t
really grow. So a timeless shoe in a timeless style will last forever. Well,
providing I don’t put on 10 stone at least, anyway.

What did you other fashion slave graduates get as a
gift? Would you prefer a watch, Burberry trench or some Louboutin’s?

Sophie x

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